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iMe provides holistic guidance for faith & business leaders to help them become intentional about what matters most. Build morale and healthy relationships. Rethink and increase productivity. iMe offers a unique approach to developing deliberate practices that create a safe space for deeper communication and better collaboration.


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You Are Your Best Asset!

Personal Services

We advocate for you and help you explore what you truly desire, re-discover what matters most to you, and unleash change.

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Faith Based Services

We help re-discover what matters most to you and your ministry.  We enable you to bring forth new awareness that allows you to thrive.

iMe - Be intentional.


“Kristy is phenomenal. She is a cheerleader for women and an advocate for helping women find their inner strength. Her ability to tap into the depth of social and emotional issues and her willingness to offer support and clear direction helped me experience mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. This growth is a progression that I know will last a lifetime.”

Dr. Nakia Hall

“Kristy is what this world needs more of, compassion, wisdom, experience, empathy, and general kindness are seen in so few and required by so many. She has given me help and guidance that is priceless. She is a life changer!”

Danny Friedman
President, DANNY inc.

“What makes Kristy authentic is you feel safe talking to her about anything. Kristy's self-discovery approach is not about neglecting others but making sure that before you can pour into anyone else's cup, your cup is full and able to share. If you are ready to take the next step in YOUR spiritual and emotional journey to FINDING YOU, then Kristy is the right person to assist you in your journey.”

T. Robinson
Assistant Vice Provost- Registrar
The University of Kansas

“Talented, inclusive, enthusiastic, good reflector, culturally aware, and listener with a deep sense of care and desire for the growth and empowerment of others.”

Barbara Sheehan
ACPE Certified Educator
Urban CPE Consortium, Inc.

“Kristy will always stop to meet you where you are with an open mind gracefully.”

Angie Nash
The Hair Coach
Miracles Behind The Scene

Kristy is a gifted speaker and group facilitator as well as a compassionate listener.  Kristy shows up with creative ideas, provides an excellent presentation, and has lots of energy and enthusiasm.  Kristy is passionate about restorative justice, conflict resolution, and empowering others.

Bridget Purdome
Spiritual Care Director
Amita Health - Bonaventure House

Kristy's passionate about wholeness and wellbeing for individuals and communities.  Her personal integrity, compassionate presence,  and challenging questions illuminate opportunities for personal and corporate growth.  She models possibilities for our lives if we are intentional and have the support and care that she offers.

Rev. Dr. Joanne Lindstrom

Associate Professor of Ministry
McCormick Theological Seminary

Kristy understands the intersectionality of the whole person. She wants people to grow and learn through their experiences and challenges. Her approach is genuine and organic.

Christopher Huang

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Registrar
Lutheran Theological Seminary Chicago

Kristy Goodwin, Founder at Intentionalli Me

“Liberation comes with intentional change.”

About Kristy R. Goodwin

Kristy Goodwin is a relationship and wellness specialist with more than 20 years of experience. Kristy has worked with individuals, leading companies, and organizations to develop authentic communication and engagement skills.

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